Fall Harvest Scavanger Hunt

Fall Harvest Scavanger Hunt

Its Home and Dining Fall Harvest Scavenger Hunt!

Remember going on scavenger hunts when you were a kid? Sometimes they were the most fun part of a social gathering – wasnt it fun to being given a list and going off with your teammates to locate feathers, safety pins and purple crayons? b5Media’s Home and Dining Channel also remembers. What better way to reward our loyal readers than with a fun Fall Harvest Scavenger Hunt?

Here’s how it works:

On October 1st, participating Home & Dining blogs will post a list of words. Each day one of those words will appear on a different blog. It could be in a title of a blog post, it could be the posts particular theme that day, or it could just be a word in a paragraph somewhere.

Contest participants will locate each word and write it down. On October 31st, the last day of your contest, send your words to Deb at the email address listed below.

Here’s the rundown:

1. Words and rules will be posted to each participating Home & Dining blog on October 1st.
2. A list of participating blogs will be posted as well.
3. Each day, participants are to check out each participating blog to find which one hosts the day’s word. Sometimes the word will pop out at you, other times it won’t be so obvious.
4. After October 31st, send your lists to Deb at deborahng@gmail.com. Each list should list the word, day it appeared, and blog on which it appeared. Those who complete the scavenger hunt, or have the most entrants, will be entered into a drawing to win a gorgeous autumn gift basket. Entry cutoff date is November 7th.

We hope you enjoy participating in the Fall Harvest Scavenger Hunt. We’re having a blast planning it – and blogging it!