Amy Finley and The Gourmet Next Door

Amy Finley and The Gourmet Next Door

Amy Finley

The most recent winner of The Next Food Network Star will be starting her show sometime in October. Currently, The Food Network Site has her on the home page, but only links us to a picture with a small introduction:

Amy is an avid traveler who loves food. She attended culinary school in France (Gregoire Ferrandis Ecole Superieure de Cuisine Francaise) and has authored a travel book on Italy. Amy wants to inspire viewers to cook simple, beautiful food. In addition to writing, Amy is a stay-at-home mom and lives with her husband and two children in San Diego, Calif.

If you didnt notice, according to the write-up, she is still living in San Diego with her hubby and kids.

I took a look at Food Networks TV schedule in October and didnt notice her show listed, but they have a few blank spots, so I am sure there will be a big Ta-Da promotion when it is going to air. Make a note, that the shows usually air on Sunday mornings. Her concept actually sounded pretty solid. I am looking forward to see what the Food Network does with it.

As for our previous Next Food Network Star winners, The Hearty Boys have pretty much disappeared from view, they are only on Sundays at 7:00am, and I think they are re-runs. To be honest, I was glad they won and I liked them, but their show was only ok. Guy Fieri has done much better for himself and I am not surprised. He has the personality that works for what the Food Network is becoming (the good and the bad) and he helps court young males 20-40 (I consider 40 young). His show is hip and fun. I have tried a few dishes, and they are good.

I hope it works out for Amy, and I am looking forward to her teaching me about French Cuisine and using those fancy terms for which the executives gave her grief. I hope the suits dont make her dumb it down. As soon as I find out more about our Gourmet Next Door, I will let you know.